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Alarm Systems Colorado Springs (Intrusion Detection)

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By exclusively using Digital Monitored Products alarm equipment for all of our intrusion alarms, ACA Security is able to pass our dealer savings along to you, the customer, lowering installation costs.

Unlike many other security companies that install alarm systems from many different equipment manufacturers, our technicians are fully trained and fluent in the installation, customization and programming of our alarms systems, wherever they are sent to install or service. This translates to better service for our customers.

Additionally, ACA Security alarm systems’ monitoring services are exclusively provided by COPS monitoring, further insuring consistency and continuity of service.


Intrusion Detection

ACA Security, Colorado Springs Security Company


No Sales Gimmicks
ACA w ill never offer ‘Package Deals.’ A common bait and sw itch sales tactic employed by some, the $99 installation, etc. is used to get a salespersons foot in the door, only to be told you will need more protection, thus evaporating the $99 deal.

Best Installation Practices
ACA Security w ill only quote systems that protect the entire accessible perimeter of a home or business. In other words, if it is on the perimeter and has a hinge, we install a door contact. Window s that are easily accessible,
will have glass break sensors.

This means if your perimeter is breached, an alarm w ill be generated and you will be notified sooner.

Motion sensors are not a sufficient intrusion detection device! Pointing a motion sensor at a door or w indow does not constitute protection. ACA Security employs motion sensors only as a means of verifying the validity of
a prior alarm. If a door alarm or w indow alarm is received, the motion sensor will simply verify that someone has, indeed, entered the building and is moving about.

Remote Management

Remotely manage you alarm system using the DMP Virtual Keypad App.

Virtual Keypad allows user to: